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At HAMEC we can provide you with a custom made granny flat design, or you can choose from our ready made designs on the left. HAMEC can take care of all your architectural and engineering plans for your granny flat at one location, we do not get any external companies to do any work, it is all done in house to save you even more money while achieving the most proffessional outcome.

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A granny flat is a small private home situated on the same parcel of land as your existing home. The benefits of a granny flat is that you can live in it without the high costs of rent these days seen in the Sydney rental market, or it can become an extra income for the family who own thier own home in these challenging economic times. HAMEC can design your new granny flat, which can be used as a small apartment, which has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living space and bedroom.

It is a perfect place for the ageing parents. Also, by having your parents there on the same block of land, means you can check up on them on a more regular basis than if they were living elsewhere. It can also house the growing teenager who wants to move out to thier own place but is not financially ready or does not want to stay too far away from thier family. The granny flat can also be used as a guest house for the visiting distant relatives or friends, and is perfect in the sense that you and your guests have your own privacy.

With a granny flat, another advantage is that the energy bills are much lower than a large home or unit, due to the fact of the compact living space. This is a major factor for the elderly parents or the teenager in searching for the right home to live in.

The governments policy allows your granny flat to be approved in 10 days as a complying development. It also allows you to build your granny flat in all residential zoned properties.

Including a granny flat on your property, can also be a positive way to add to the value and also the use of your home. Granny flats can be built in a few ways. The granny flat can be done in a way as converting part of your existing home to accomodate a granny flat with a separate entrance for the granny flat, there is no restriction on the size of your lot in this method. You can also build a granny flat extension to your home, this method does not affect your existing home, so you do not need to meet complying development standards of whats existing, and only the new extension or addition in making the granny flat must meet the requirements of the policy. Another way to build your granny flat, is to build a detached granny flat to the rear of your property, which makes the privacy a lot better than the other two methods stated above.

HAMEC has a range of plans ready for you to view, or can design a custom granny flat to suit your requirements.

If you require any more information, you can contact HAMEC, and we are willing to help you in designing your new granny flat.